Jason Donahue

Jason Donahue
Senior Software Engineer
Programming Languages

Senior Software Engineer with strong UNIX Systems Administration background developing highly available microservices for a cloud infrastructure.

Senior Software Engineer
BuzzFeedMay 2014 – Present

At BuzzFeed I have had many responsibilities ranging from developing docker based microservices to developing an in house Ansible deployment service. I have been responsible for DevOps projects as well as building services to interact with third party APIs.


  • Build Python microservices to collect statistical data from third party social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Snapchat

  • Wrote Go microservice to republish NSQ message bus messages to Google Pub/Sub

  • Responsible for the migration of business critical message bus with zero downtime and zero lost messages

  • Built custom Ansible deployment service to deploy services that could not be Dockerized such as the main BuzzFeed.com

  • Use Terraform to manage AWS configuration

  • Use Packer and Ansible to build AWS AMIs

  • Use DataDog to monitor and troubleshoot Docker services

  • Store and retrieve data in Google BigQuery

  • Store data in Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Service buckets

UNIX Developer
Datapipe IncNovember 2003 – May 2014

Hired as a UNIX Systems Administrator, I was responsible for configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting hundreds of high profile UNIX based systems and applications. I Transitioned into a full time development role working with a small team to develop and maintain various web applications for both employees and customers.


  • Developed and maintained highly customized version of the Request Tracker trouble ticket system

  • Constantly improved in house developed PHP application to track customers and all network devices

  • Implemented SNMP based Load Balancer management system so customers can control their load balancers themselves

  • Database query optimization using indexes, joins, complex subselect queries, and views to maximize application speed

  • Configured and maintained MySQL Master/Slave replication

  • Installed and configured Heartbeat High Availability failover software

Systems Administrator
Agile Technologies2000 – 2003

Analyzed and maintained Agile’s IT needs and provided expertise to large and small corporate clients, assessed current systems, networks, applications and security measures, proposed upgrades and implemented customized solutions.


  • Designed and built company network infrastructure from the ground up

  • Solely responsible for all servers located in NJ location

  • Installed and maintained firewall and VPN configurations

  • Worked as Systems Administration consultant for Agile Technologies clients

Senior Network Operations Center Engineer
Camanco Communications1999 – 2000

Internet service and “Virtual Office” experience for business travelers in hotel rooms across the country. Monitored and maintained remote kiosk computer systems  for company flagship product, “PCRoomLink”. Developed in house application to track hundreds of systems spread across half a dozen hotels.


  • Provided level 3 NOC support to end users 

  • Helped organize information across multiple departments by developing a web portal

  • Troubleshot various kiosk issues on remote system where physical access was unavailable

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